. .

"From the lively 6/8 opener 'Laberinto' to the 21-minute, seven-part closing suite 'Códigos Universales' the CD offers some of the most exciting instrumental symphonic rock that I've heard in a long time... Very highly recommended."
Exposé Magazine, USA

"Highly recommended."
Kinesis, USA

"Another unknown heavy symphonic, concept album gem from Venezuela. This sounds very 70's, and has outstanding keyboards with flute... It is amazing where great stuff comes from sometimes!"
Shroom Productions, USA

"Here's the Latin American Steve Howe: the music on this CD is carried by his outstanding guitar play."
Background Magazine, The Netherlands

"There are musicians/composers that play like the Gods. The Venezuelan guitarist Raimundo Rodulfo is one of them and his first disc, Dreams, a marvelous rainbow of related tones that are accommodated in a ductile instrumental style and narrative that convinces since the first minute and doesn't decay in the long hour and seven compositions, included the suite Universal Codes in 7 parts and almost 22 minutes long."
Margen Magazine, Spain

"It is quite a gem if you are interested in calm, moody and semi-acoustic music. This must also be the reason that Musea Records has selected this album as their pick of the month January... It has all the quality to deserve a good marketing and distribution channel."
Dutch Progressive Rock Pages, The Netherlands

"A strongly pleasant instrumental solo album"
Harmonie Magazine, France

"If you liked Steve Howe's acoustic pieces on Fragile, then this might be something for you. The music has complexity, is often classically styled, but is also filled with various folk music influences."
Axiom of Choice, The Netherlands

"Here is a great little album that I came across recently which completely took me by surprise... Raimundo's music offers soft seductive acoustic Spanish guitar with some lovely symphonia. 'Dreams' is a delicate album which really does work like a dream with the flowing flute and soft drum and percussion. Raimundo's guitar work is the centre piece of this work with some amazing guitar fretting and phrasing."
Unger's Wonderful World of Progressive Rock, Canada

"A very good album, with very interesting guitars melodies and solos" "Raimundo is a very talented and excellent guitar player" "The songs are quite good and the music is very original, I recommend it to anybody"
"Raimundo Rodulfo from Venezuela is another gem worth listening to, Howe-PF alike, moody and well structured. Dreams is the album you should go for."
ProgArchives, USA

"If you want to listen to something different, interesting and made in Venezuela I recommend you a disc of Barquisimetan Raimundo Rodulfo, called 'Dreams'."
Pedro Castillo (Tempano), Venezuela

"Raimundo has fashioned a wonderful and varied CD of incredible playing... Great instrumental prowess with a wonderful band!"
Progressive Ears, USA

"Nice Italian style complex and dreamy prog from Venezuela."
Ultima Thule Records, UK

"Virtuoso Venezuelan guitarist with a great classical music school devoted to Symphonic Rock. Joined by many guest musicians his style reminds us in some aspects to Steve Hackett."
Viajero Inmovil, Argentina

"All the tracks are rather pleasant and not lacking of a certain originality, feature this last which finds the greatest expression in the fourth track, not randomly titled "Brainstorm", in which is gone with a certain effectiveness from fusion to reggae until arriving to jazz and blues, making seven minutes of the best progressive."
Eventyr Magazine, Italy

"A quality work that will surely please the Symphonic Progressive lovers."
Musical Box Magazine, Brazil

"Very good."
Progwalhalla, Holland

"Pupil: Finally, this is a must have, Sir? | Teacher: Yes, certainly!"
Acid Dragon Magazine, France

"This album can be recommended for the people who like jazz fusion and progressive music."
Colossus Magazine, Finland

"All in all this is a fantastic album. Very warm in both tone and style."
Progressive World, USA

"Symphonic progressive. Full of tremendous and beautiful parts. Especially the acoustic guitar parts are superb."
"A recommended CD if you like both symphonic and fusion guitar progressive music."
Psyche Van Het Folk, Belgium

"One disc intimate, personal and indoubtedly charming. One trip to a magical world, of great beauty."
Revista Mellotron, Argentina

"The Venezuelan guitarist Raimundo RODULFO is the author of a pleasant strong instrumental album in solitary, entitled 'Suenos - Dreams'. The style developed by our man and his many guests can as well be brought closer to the electric flamenco as of Mike OLDFIELD even CAMEL. The six-strings take the leading part of course, in a style at the same time melodic and dishevelled. The jazz-rock or classic influences are perfectly assimilated, within an exotic and coloured musical vortex."
Musea Records, France
"Dreams" is in Musea's Selection of the Month for January 2001.

"Raimundo has his own vision, his own performing way and a frankly exquisite jazz sound. The compositions together form an all instrumental that one listens upper to down, from principle to end. It is that kind of discs that you enjoy, don't tire and always get you willing to listen to it again, full of those musical accents that charm us who enjoy the symphonic progressive and in which the guitar is given time to sing. Very recommendable."
La Corte Final, Mexico

"It traps us in a vortex of rhythms and sonorous experiences mixed with electronic and natural elements all they born in Raimundo's strings."
El Vigía de los Cielos, Chile

"Without any doubt a very interesting discovery, actually this disc forms part of the seleccion of the month of January of MUSEA record label. Raimundo Rodulfo is a great Venezuelan guitarist and aside a good composer. The coolness and the naturality of his compositions are two good attributions in this album."
"All the disc sounds very sincere, fresh, made with an enormous ilusion and this grants it a very special shine that obliges you to listen with care. All the notes, sometimes excessive, are very carefully since Raimundo Rodulfo is a true artisan as musician and composer."
Spanish Progressive Rock Page / La Caja de Música, Spain

"A great musical level, and all an explosion of creativity that foretell a major success. All the songs of the disc are excellent, there is no waste, each minute of recording was very well taken advantage of."
EscenaRock, Venezuela

"This weekend I´ve been listening twice to your Dreams album, and I must say it´s a very beautiful album."
"I recently came into the possession of 'Dreams' from a friend in France! I was totally blown away when I for the first time heard your guitar work! 'Brainstorm' is my favorite! I can listen to that scratched cd-record ten times a day, and it moves me in a different way every time."
"What a big piece of art is entering by my ear labyrinth!. I am delighted with your group’s music here in my office while working with the databases labyrinths, files and statistics. What a better companion to this than this musical delight that, listening to it for the first time already reminds me the parts of the concert even when I had never listened to them. The truth is that the melodies as well as the complex lines of instruments are sticky and they remain recorded in the mind of who sits to listen to your music once; or maybe they are so memorable that they are burdened in the entrails."
" I want to congratulate you for the work of the album Dreams (What a good stuff!!!!!) I am pleased to know that you are active and with so good style, of course for intelligent people, but really it is very good..."
"You really super-astonished me... I consider that your disc is of the best music than has been written in Venezuela; it combines complexity, melodies, many different instruments, a fabulous performing yours in electric and acoustic guitars, and a studio band that shows having felt deeply and done theirs the pieces. Congratulations and there it goes my wishes again so that you can continue creating as you have been doing it."
"I consider it one of the most important works in the symphonic-progressive genre of our country… A disc full of colors, not only for its artistic cover which by the way offers a special touch to this work, but by the diversity of sounds and styles fused in each track. Jazz, Folk, Rock'n’Roll, VENEZUELAN-ish (very important), Indian music, guitars sounds that remind us the great ones like Jhon McLaughlin (speed) and Steve Howe (technical and sounds)… In conclusion a very artisan work musically speaking, plenty of fantasy, imagination, feeling and music, main components of all our DREAMS."
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 1. Labyrinth (08:05)

2. Friendship (05:14)

3. New Horizons (10:20)

4. Brainstorm (07:12)

5. Hard Times (09:03)

6. Mathematics & Arts (06:57)

7. Universal Codes (21:24)

All songs composed by Raimundo A. Rodulfo.
All rights reserved © ®. ISBN 980-303-597-5. Depósito Legal lf0512000800102X. SACVEN.


Raimundo Rodulfo: acoustic, classic, and electric guitar, mandolin, bass (3,4,5,6,7), slide and percussion. Composition, direction and production.

Guest Musicians:
Frank Alburjas: flute
Lérmit Martínez: keyboards
Jesús Pérez: drums
Alfredo Suárez: percussion
Carlos Rodríguez: bass (1,2)
César Romano: violin
Efraín Ramírez: viola
Édgar Rodríguez: saxophone

All paintings by Peter Rodulfo.

Copyright © 2013 Raimundo Rodulfo