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Raimundo Rodulfo: Open Mind




Raimundo Rodulfo


OPEN MIND has been pre-nominated for the 57th Grammy Awards (2015) in three categories:
  • Song of the Year: At the Corner of Your Life
  • Best Rock Performance: Open Mind
  • Best Rock Song: White Rose

"A contemporary and multicultural approach to classic rock. 12 songs around the clock, conforming an organic amalgam of pop rock, jazz, folk, progressive rock and classical sounds with the sole purpose of making good music."

Section A:
  • 1.Open Mind (5:50)
  • 2.Never Say Goodbye (2:46)
  • 3.Bring the Rain (8:16)
  • 4.White Rose (5:10)
  • 5.A House in your Heart (6:51)
  • 6.Time to Go (7:46)
Section B:
  • 7.Sweet Like an Angel (5:55)
  • 8.At the Corner of Your Life (3:01)
  • 9.Autumn Time (10:47)
  • 10.No Remorse (5:02)
  • 11.Words of Wisdom (5:35)
  • 12.Always our Fault (6:11) + Coda (5:58)
All songs composed by Raimundo Rodulfo
© Raimundo Rodulfo. All rights reserved, USCO / ASCAP.
Produced by Raimundo Rodulfo.

Raimundo Rodulfo:
  • vocals (lead and backing),
  • acoustic guitars (Spanish classical, 6-string nylon, 6-string steel, 12-string steel),
  • electric guitars, synth guitar, slide,
  • bass,
  • mandolin,
  • sitar,
  • lute,
  • keyboards, synthesizers,
  • percussion (congas, bongos, African triple djembe, Lebanese darbuka, Spanish castanets, Moroccan metal castanets, Cajun frottoir, tambourines, shakers, maracas, chimes, Tibetan bells, triangle, gong, rainstick, claves, thunder tubes, woodblock, cabasa, cymbals, sleigh bells, guiro, whistles, electronic drum kit, etc.),
  • electronica (scratch, loops, sampling, MIDI, programming)
Guest musicians:
  • Gerardo Ubieda: drums
  • Pablo Gil: saxophones (soprano and tenor)
  • Mariana Carreras: acoustic and electric violins
  • Elis Regina Ramos: cello
  • Ismael Vergara: clarinet, flute
  • Channing Dodson: Uilleann bagpipes
All paintings by Peter Rodulfo.

Recorded by Raimundo Rodulfo at TLDL, Miami FL, except: Drums recorded by Gerardo Ubieda at G-Lab, Miami FL;  Uillean Pipes recorded by Billy Oskay at Big Red Studio, Portland OR.

Mixed and engineered by Raimundo Rodulfo at TLDL, Miami FL
Mastered by Boris Milan at Boris Milan Studio, Weston FL.

Thanks to all of you who listened to my new album preview and helped me to choose 3 songs for promos and videos. The songs that received more votes were, in this order:

  • 1st place: At the Corner of Your Life
  • 2nd place: Never Say Goodbye
  • 3rd place (tied): White Rose, Open Mind.

OPEN MIND has been pre-nominated for the 57th Grammy Awards (2015) in three categories:
  • Song of the Year: At the Corner of Your Life
  • Best Rock Performance: Open Mind
  • Best Rock Song: White Rose

OPEN MIND received a 15 out of 16 rating in the 66th edition of Progression Magazine in 2014.
"This recording by native Venezuelan (now Floridian) guitarist Raimundo Rodulfo is a slight departure from his first three all-instrumental symphonic-progressive outings. No long epics here; certainly, nothing remotely approaching the 36-minute monster from his superb 2008 effort, Mare et Terra. Rather, Open Mind is more song-oriented, track lengths ranging from three to 12 minutes. The stylings and melodies remain unmistakably his, marked by luxuriously orchestrated arrangements with intricate acoustic and electric-guitar passages that should please fans of Steve Howe's similarly structured solo works.
Rodulfo's unique character manifests via folky/ethnic Latin shadings and (for the first time) vocals, delivered in a pleasantly winsome/jaunty fashion complementing the melodies. Saxophone, strings and flute also are featured. (Mutiple guests contribute on keyboards, percussion, strings, horns, woodwinds and vocals.)
Highlights include the title track's sinuous melodicism; the 10-minute "Autumn Time," with its flamenco-ish refrain; and the six-minute "Coda," an instrumental blowout on the order of Genesis's "Los Endos." Overall, an apt comparison might be to Anthony Phillips' more song-oriented Wise After the Event on the heels of his prog masterpiece, The Geese and the Ghost."

DAVID TAYLOR, Progression Magazine

"The fourth recording work of Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist composer and singer Raimundo Rodulfo evocatively titled Open Mind is really imaginative and full of emotional colors that clings the listener for nearly 80 minutes of music."
"The review of Jessica Attene on Arlequins photographs exactly my impression: 'Music as light as a breath of wind, but rich in substance, that slips through the delicate ear but that leaves lasting impressions, sweet but never cloying at the right point...'"

Progressive del Nuovo Millennio, Italy
Open Mind is in the Top Five 2013 List at Progressive del Nuovo Millennio, Italy

"'Open Mind' is an album that makes the sun shine on gray days. Endless symphonic and instrumental colors with bright and varied folk tones."
"Raimundo Rodulfo, with this, his fourth recording test, comes back to us with an album seemingly simple but with good taste, elegant, and arranged in an intriguing way, thanks to the inclusion of many stringed instruments that are petted, arpeggiated, pinched, offering a tempting variety of timbres and complex musical twists but never loaded and heavy."
"Music as light as a breath of wind, but rich in substance, that slips through the delicate ear but that leaves lasting impressions, sweet but never cloying at the right point."
"This album seems to have been specially created to infuse wellness through beautifully made and balanced compositions that convey positive feelings... The music is well structured, I would like to reiterate, but the lightness of listening pleasure and will make sure that this work will take you much longer. Take note."
Arlequins, Italy

"This music is decidedly sunny and designed (I assume) to make the listener feel upbeat and uplifted. This is certainly how Open Mind made me feel. Rodulfo does much of the work himself featuring on vocals, guitars, slide, bass, mandolin, sitar, lute, keyboards, synthesizers, percussion, and electronics but he gets help from Gerardo Ubieda: drums, Pablo Gil: saxophones (alto and tenor), Mariana Carreras: acoustic and electric violins, Elis Regina Ramos: cello, Ismael Vergara: clarinet, flute and Channing Dodson: Uilleann bagpipes. Together they have made a genuinely pleasant (in the best, not damning with faint praise type of way) album here."
"It works particulary well listening from start to finish and not many albums work like that in 2013 and mixes jazz, folk, prog and world music in a heady concoction of excellent musicianship (especially the guitars) and lovely songs. There isn't a poor song on the album – again a rarity."
"I imagine Open Mind will work well at any time of year, it's that good."
Sea of Tranquility, USA

"This multi-instrumentalist artist is able to create the most beautiful passages in a style that ranges from world music to sophisticated prog-rock. Mare et Terra (Musea, 2009) proved to be an extraordinary work, one of the best works of 2009, with some masterfully blended delicious musical journeys, an album that raised the bar very high in the career of this visionary author. With Open Mind Raimundo makes a turn towards a perhaps more minimalist tone. The author seems to dive into the roots of his music looking for a more earthy tone, a closest to the minstrel storyteller color. This gives this work a great instrumental and voice quality."
"Raimundo has created a very personal sound, even reaching and penetrating the music of a contemporary cut. The piece that opens the album, 'Open Mind' or 'Bring the Rain' shine brightly with extraordinary arrangements introducing some wind instruments that gives them great richness. The author's mastery of the guitar is completely embodied with 'White Rose' or 'Time to Go', the power of progressive rock base on 'Sweet Like an Angel', 'Autumn Time' or especially the song that closes the album, 'Always our Fault'. The power of the electric elements interlock with voices and acoustic elements with exquisite brilliance as in the gem 'Words of Wisdom'.
"Again a work of great compositional level, a very high technical level, with excellent sound quality."
Sinfomusic, Spain

"A collection of rhythmic and acoustic songs and progressive folk rock, decorated with art and prominence of its author, who with this achievement closes even more any geographic musical gap, approaching a global consolidation in the progressive folk style."
Manticornio, Mexico

"It mainly moves between the Symphonic Rock and acoustic Folk spaces. The use of keyboard and electronic instruments is only sporadic, instead featuring violin, cello and flute many times during the songs... Overall, perhaps a bit too long, but with good approaches."
Progressive Newslettrer, Germany

"Raimundo Rodulfo shows us another piece of his musical intelligence in a work of symphonic progressive rock full of nuances at all its parts ... The music presented on this new production travels through markedly American and Northern European style folk territories, as well as paths of jazz rock of all time, perfectly contrasted on structures of complicated progressive musical arrangements."
"Raimundo Rodulfo is a sort of American-wise Mike Oldfield, where there is room for all types of fusions that just magnify his music in a lucid and intelligent manner. With an absolute mastery of the six strings in any of its many forms, Raimundo shelled a powerful musical machine full of emotion and feeling, which develops through languid and meandering soundscapes, this very great symphonic music full of roots, to which we are used to."
"Reminiscences of European or South American progressive folk in an absolutely essential work. It seems to me one of the biggest works of this year."
Portal Esquizofrinia, Spain

"This music has a joyful and ethnic (South American) and classical (light) jazzy influences. Through the use of instruments such as violin, cello, flute, lute, mandolin and Uillean Pipes the whole tends to folk music. Lovely music for a fireplace and under a blazing sun."
"If your curiosity is piqued, I recommend you to take a open-minded listening to the music of 'Open Mind'."
Progwereld, Holland

"Rodulfo's "Mare et Terra" in 2009 was a great masterpiece, but this new work with it's graceful sound also exudes a delicate lyricism.
Guitar, mandolin, sitar, percussion, lute, synthetizers and vocals are also a wit that fills this work, in addition to featuring an unique sense of melody and music arrangements, with guests on several different instruments such as violin, cello, sax, bagpipes, and flute. This music is rich in poetic sentiment and Acoustic folk that intertwines with rich melodies, such as the atmospheres found in early MIKE OLDFIELD and Japanese ASTURIAS. This work is also sprinkled with a generous dose of South American motifs.
This is a very good work that produces an esay-listening comfort."

TMHP, Japan

"I sense creativity overflowing from it!  Maybe I've been in the wrong places, but it's hard to find music like this.  Much appreciated.  Besides, there are many different moods whitin a single album!"
"Beautiful music!"
Youtube comments

"Open mind is a treat. It’s a great spread of music with the works – interesting time signature, phrasing that is right on the spot, not very common chord voicings and neat vocals too. It’s got just the right measures of everything that will make one play it over and over again."
Amazon comments

ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  At the Corner of Your Life:

"I really like the soundscape that 's being created with the guitars, and how that 's developed with the violin throughout the song. There's something really adorable and cute about it which I don't think I've come across before."

"The vocal dynamics of this song are amazing! You have a great voice! And you know what you are doing when it comes to putting notes together to make them prettier. This is a very pretty song. All the choices were very precise and motivated. You all have an amazing ear for harmony. I like it!"

"I love the subtle intro. The first thing you heard was the first note of each chord, then each chord was laid out, and then the full chord. I love how the instrumental track blends with the placement of the vocal, however, the instruments over power the vocals and makes it a bit hard to hear. The vocalist has a nice relaxing voice. I love all the various strings and the classical feel to the instrumental track. Very nice!"

"I love the intro on this song and the wide variety of musical instruments. The singers have a very nice voice and sing in harmony very well. I would definitively listen to this song again and think it would be a hit."

"The guitar in the beginning of this song was really pretty, I liked how it sort of spiraled upwards. It was very raw and acoustic. The person playing the guitar knew how to get the guitar to do exactly what they wanted, and they kept it unique and interesting. I liked that the guitar was much different than anything else I've ever heard. It was just beautiful and so relaxing, the melody fit right along into the song. The vocals had a nice sound, they didn't have too much going on with them, and they really suited the song. I think it was better that the vocals were a bit more simple, because it just suited the song better. If the song were simple, the vocals would have needed to make up for that. You had nice balance to this song. I loved that you kept this song so classic and beautiful, yet made it light and sunshiney at the same time. I can honestly say that this song is much more different than any other songs that I've heard. It had a very 'movie soundtrack' kind of sound, and what I mean by that is that I can see this song being a montage for a movie."

"I enjoy this track as it has a brilliant atmospheric melody and beat to it. The range of instruments are truly great and I feel that they have been well employed in adding vibrancy to the track. The artist has a great voice and although it doesn't sound like the artist is from a place of english speaking origin, he manages to make the lyrics sound clear and coherent. This is important as the listener is able to comprehend the lyrics and their meaning throughout the track. I feel that anyone could easily fall in love with this track and thus learn to love it. This truly could receive mainstream attention."

"The introduction with strumming makes the song a decent work of art from the very beginning. The acoustic complexity of rhythm makes the song for a good listen for any music buff, or even any casual listener."

"I like the acoustic start of this song but it is slightly awkward with the long pause at the beginning before the full instrumental begin. The violin and stringed instruments add a nice touch to the song. At times, it is difficult to hear the vocals over the instrumentals but this is a minor thing. Otherwise, this is an absolutely beautiful song. Excellent job!"

"Its a cute song with cute lyrics, it kind of has a kids song beat to it. Its a relaxing song, very peaceful. I think its ok not really the type of music I like to listen to but not a bad song at all."

"The keyboard in the intro sound very pretty, as well as the guitar chords. The guitar and plucking of violin sound great! The song sound so tropical with the acoustics and the singer's attractive accent. The swelling of the string instruments accompany the song well."

"I like this song in that it is a positive element to it. I want to use this song for good there is an element of a violin to it. The violin is solid in that it is very pretty. It is very very very pretty. There is a harmony to it. There is a cello, a cymbal and what not."

"A good soft song with a faster beat. The song just sounds happy and upbeat. I like the fast instrument whatever it was. A good happy song but I don't see any radio chance because people like to listen to faster sings when driving or working, this song would be better fit for a movie montage scene"

"Beautiful guitar work here. The vocals are excellent. There's a soothing element to this song. This should be played on an easy listening fm station or new age station. A great song with great musicianship."

"A very simple introduction with the acoustics. Superbly beautiful with the blend of all the musical instruments. The male vocal has a very soft voice that is fitting for this song. The incoming violin really compliments this song to produce a well crafted harmony and melody. This is professionally made and high quailty."

"This is a vibrant performance with a stunning introduction of instrumental music. The vocal is balanced and tasteful to the ear. The acoustic is stylish played and accurately. The message is charming and impresses emotionally. The recording quality is excellent."

"The song was too dry for the first twenty seconds or so and then it gradually got better in the terms of speed and vocals, the singing and the lyrics in the track got upgrade after a minute or so."

"The acoustic sounds at the very beginning was beautifully done. The entire instrumentation of this piece was great, and really unexpected while listening I was very surprised by every new sound and harmony. Although it sounded great, it was difficult to understand the lyrics at points, but the singer's accent really gave the song a more wonderfully original sound. It was also difficult to identify any phrases, as the whole song kind of flowed as one large phrase. The overall lightness of the sound was very amusing and heart warming. I think the fact that it has an original sound many people may not be familiar with, means it could potentially be a huge hit."

"This is definitely my type of song. I'll download it to my phone if you ever sell it on iTunes. The tunes are so relaxing and soothing. It 'll put a baby to sleep! Which is great when you have twins. I don't even know what elements are, can you explain it to me please? tones, lyrics, base, instruments??"

"It almost seemed like this song had two separate introductions, which is a bit unnecessary, but the vocals in this song are beautiful and very talented. The chorus seemed to have to heavy and low of a tone to fit in with the rest of the magical feeling, so it didn't quite fit in. Just work on those two minor issues and I think you will have a great song that I think could be commercially successful in like a cute movie scene or something."

"Nice intro, sweet sounding song, guitar is played really well, singer has a nice voice. Lyrics are really nice. Good job with the layering.This song is not a bunch of Meshed up sounds, it is really well composed. I like the Violin. All the instruments are very well done here. keep up the great work. I hope to hear more from this artist. I' will rate this highly."

"I like the intro a lot. I love the soft, stinging guitar notes. Your voice is soft too and it works with the instruments very well. I love how you used two voices later on and I the violin and strings is a great addition. It reminds me of a disney musical, but with a hint of originality."

"Starting off is very soothing. This song reminds me of folk songs because of the melody."

"this song has a great tune.the beat is soft and gentle. it has a happy mood and can set a great vibe throughout the whole song. various instruments play throughout the song. it is peacefull and relaxing."

"I like the intro. This soft guitar is what I love. Excellent accompaniment. If I could make this song a hit I would. What does "It 's just at the corner of your life." mean? I need to listen to the song again....I want to listen to the song again."

"I liked the start of this song very much, it was very relaxing and pleasant to hear. the vocalist in the song doesn't have much problem with pronunciation which is good and also seems to have a good voice and tone for this genre however, the lyrics I feel could have been better and were probably my main criticism of the song. When the violin first starts playing it was again another pleasant thing to hear and is a good feature of the song. At around the 2 minute mark when the cello begins to play I did enjoy the music although the transition to that section was too abrupt for my taste as I don't feel it fitted with the smooth, relaxed, flowing nature of the rest of the song. other than those things, I enjoyed listening to the song and found it pleasant."

"The music to this tune is very soothing. The soft sort of singing that the artist uses really accents the soothing music. The way that the melody keeps changing and keeps the listener guessing is what anybody wants in a song. It is very inspiring and the lyrics are pretty decent as well. All of the different instruments that are used really bring out the emotion that the artist is clearly trying to convey. I really liked this song and i would recommend it to anyone."

"The acoustic guitar in the beginning is peaceful sounding. The singer's voice is also very gentle soothing. The violin is beautiful as well. The transitioning is also great too. However after the second chorus, I think the tempo should pick up to give it more variety. For example, there are some songs that just have the guitar and then towards the end more instruments come along which in my opinion makes the song better."

"The guitar at the beginning is pretty and reminds me of a bell. As it transitions into the main style of the song, it is still pleasing and beautiful. The vocals have a slightly smoky quality and the accent to the vocalist is charming. The harmony between the vocalists brings a smile to my face. The inclusion of a violin is simple and adds to the pleasantness of the song. The lyrics are light and tell a playful story."

"I like this. The backing track has a very mellow and calming sound to it. The singing was very controlled and harmony was good. Sounds like it could get radio play. Sounded quite professional and far from karaoke"

"I love the guitar chord in the intro, especially with that little beat of tapping on the guitar itself. I love the addition of what sounds like a cello string chord. The lead male vocal is a bit difficult to understand due to his accent. But he still sounds romantic with his light tenor range. I like how light and provocative the melody is. I love the musical arrangement with all those string chords."

"this songs guitars all sound really cool together. the guitars are really pleasant in my opinion. this is an easy to listen to song with a great conglomeration of instruments. its a really good sounding song. the spanish accent makes the song sound more authentic."

"I love how the introduction actually flows you into this soft lead. Great introductory performance right there and does exactly what it 's supposed to. Now, there are a few problems with the rest of it. They're not necessarily problems, more of just not as tasteful as it could be. The strings that come in are nice, but they really overpower everything else that comes in. Vocals are pretty soothing and have a nice tone and fit lovely with the main instrumental. Lyrically, it 's very soft and dreamy dreamy, just as it is vocally as well. There are a few parts where there's too much going on with the instrumental arrangement. It overpowers the vocals, but this track sounds more like a lullaby kind of thing. I think it would benefit better with a more acoustic, dreamy setting that drifts you away instead of all the arrangement it has now. The instrumental aspect of this is genuinely lovely, I know it's stupid to say this is like a lullaby thing, but that 's what the lyrics painted for me."

"The tempo and melody has some parts that are catchy and pleasant to listen to. The rhythm, harmony and structure of the song is alright."

"A simple guitar melody. The violin is a nice touch. The vocals are interesting and powerful. It 's not something I would call a hit song, but it has potential. Not too sure what type of radio station would play this one though."

"This is nice. The guitarist sounds really good. And the singer has an awesome voice for the kind of tune the guitar is playing. The rest of the instrumentals are really good too. They all mix perfectly and compliment each others sounds awesomely. This whole thing sounded really good. Every element of the entire song was played perfectly. It deserves to be on the radio, if not for the only reason being that they put a lot of effort into making it sound as good as they could."

"the guitars in the intro was ok by itself but when the other guitars came in i thought that the instruments sound much better sounding. this song kind of inspires me to make a guitar song like it. the violins in the song are a great addition."

"Very pretty, I very much like this song. The harmonies and instrumentals are unique, there are many different elements that are working well together. The unexpected use of classical instruments works well with the tone of the song and the harmonies normally associated with folk meld together perfectly. It has a very happy and dreamy feel to it that makes it a song that sticks with you. Would be great in a movie soundtrack."

"A sweet melody.. and a male vocalist sings.." good girl if you've lost you faith .. don't worry cause its on its way...its just a comment of your life.." then the harmonies. join in and the orchestra plays." I'm just at the corner of your life " they sing. This song is has a beautiful melody ... it is like a lullaby..."

"This was a track filled with different sounds. The sounds were so pleasant. This is a track that can calm your nerves after a long day. This track was filled with beautiful melodies. The violin was beautiful and lovely notes to my ears. The artist 's voice was also pleasant. He was able to hold a beautiful note. I enjoyed every second of this track."

"This song is absolutely adorable. I love everything about it. The musical accompaniment is charming. The twinkling and the violins. The selection of instruments is clever. The cello is a little overpowering in some parts, but that could easily be fixed by pulling it back a little or turning up the microphones on the vocalists. The parts without the cello are perfect as is. The lyrics are sweet and inspiring. The vocalists' accents add a special kind of charm to the vocals. The accompaniment is plucky and riveting. I really love this song and the only thing that I would change is to dial back the cello a little bit."

"This song is slow and sweet. I like it okay. It is a little plain to me, but I like the string instruments in the background that add more depth to the song. The vocals are okay. I like the lyrics."

"I like that you were plucking at the guitar instead of using a pick in the intro. I could tell that you switched after about 10 seconds into the song, but still very cool. The rest of the guitar part is very soft and mellow. This goes well with the soft and mellow singing. The vocals are pretty good, but you really don't expand much on your talent. You need to break more barriers with your great voice. Overall this is a very slow song, but still good."

"Beautiful! Sweetly classical. High kudos to this talent that seems to be all over this tune. Sweet harmonies, and soothing vocals. Classical instrumentation, that should be appreciated. It has very good production, and mixed to perfection. This is another great soothing and enjoyable song."

"The beat to this song was very majestic and whimsical. I find that the singer was extremely talented and had a soft and smooth voice. This song has a kind of witty and funny feel to it. I Liked this songs lyrics they were very mysterious and it kept me thinking about the entire song and what is was about."

"really really really good intro, that guitar doing the harmonics leading in, and building up the song I think this song is a piece of art in all ways, the violins and guitar are more than perfect. all levels from all those classical instruments make the song really clear, and smooth. you can tell the people who is behind this really love music."

"The song starts very well, though it is slow, the backing track is pretty. The use of these vocals is interesting, I was expecting a female vocalist but a male vocal was a pleasant yet unexpected, and the accent of the person, who is clearly a non-Native English speaker, also makes the song a lot more interesting. The violin that is introduced later in the song also adds another layer to the song which means that it maintains momentum and does not become tedious to listen to, which is a common occurrence is slow songs such as this."

"something about his song made it sound different,the violin behind was amazing has so different sounds in it together is fabolous and loved the harmoneys at the end of track, nice ending. Hope ill still see more of this artis, soft and nice song. im sure i would pay for your album if it gets out today"

ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  Open Mind:

"The beginning seems trippy. It pops actively though it should have a more surrealistic variety. The tempo was urgent and thoughtful and conceptually this song had a catchy, thick movement. The conviction of the composition is steady and the arrangement was intensely contemporary; the rhythm's really enjoyable spaciousness is addictive. This song is freeform and surreal however a lower singing would serve its abstract ambiance. It had an exquisite structure."

"This track sounds very nice to me and this track could be used in the radio stations as well. there is good application of musical instruments. the musical instruments are recorded in high quality. I would like to hear more of this artist 's work."

"This song sounds like I am at a Dave Matthews concert. Its got that airy rock feeling."

"The instrumental part is excellent."

"Fun music! This makes you want to get up and dance with your friends. It sounds like party music. The intro leads just beautifully into the the song. The vocalist is foreign to my ears but his English is very good and he knows how to sing. This man has an amazing voice and knows how to get people to feel something when they listen to him. His range of notes is amazing too. The instruments and how they're arranged is so fun. I could listen to this every day. I would most definitely show this song to my friends. This song is spunky."

"My first impression is this is a very well mixed track as all the instruments are panned and the levels of them seem very smooth and clean. I love the build of instruments from the guitars to the horns and other acoustic guitars with the backing drums to balance it all out, This was really something i enjoyed. The voice of the singer really has potential as the accent is interesting yet very understandable in english. This song was well done. Good job."

"I feel like the beat is mixed with many genres, from rock to jazz to country and so much more. im surprised they where able to combined that many genres together. i feel this song does have too many beat but it still is catchy. the guys voice is so perfect but i think he would be better for a romantic type song."

"Sounds alot like the Allman Brothers Band. The horn is a cool addition here. I think this song is weird and odd. A spinning fusion of oddity. The drums are mastered well. The guitar is clean and at a good level. The chord progression is strange and magical. This is not a hit."

"The song has a modern rock feel. However it also has a lot of appealing, nostalgic elements included. The lead singer has a nice, smooth voice. The lyrics are delivered in a similar manner that creates a nice sound. The music has many good rock elements that make successful songs. The guitar has a positive, Spanish element. This is a plus because the Spanish style guitar is one of the oldest and finest styles in the world."

"Nice country sound, R&B sound asweel, tone and pitch is nice lyrics are good kinda cetic sound aswell, singer has nice control and the band incress the potency of the song overall. nice harmarnics and guitar rifs as well"

"I love jam bands. The guitars in this song harmonize in perfect tune and the melodies are original. I also think that the saxophone is a great element in this song. It reminds me of a little between Dave Matthews Band and Big Daddy Weave."

"I liked this song quite a bit as soon as it started. It had a very celtic feel and I thought it worked for it. The instrumentals inspired the feeling of undertaking a great adventure, while the lyrics and vocals narrated that feeling. The slow part of the song also helps encapsulate that feeling of an exciting adventure, though I am pretty sure the song is simply about a romance or relationship. Regardless, I greatly enjoyed this song, and would listen to more from this artist, they show a true talent with windwood instruments as well as strings. It is refreshing."

"I love The southern Influence in this track. It was very original and progressive from my ears. I like the drummer and singer they were very on key with there performance. I find this song very soothing yet fun for the whole family, with a great message behind it."

"This really has a rewarding mix of music. the crafty sound of the instruments allow this song to get most of it`s great range.  The singer does this song in an attractive way. his voice reads the lyrics to a very good style. thru this singers great voice, this song has a lot of substance to it. a song that is live and with an enthused mix"

"I feel this instrumental verse is great. The hymns are wonderful. The singer sings to harmony. The performance has a classical tone. The percussion plays good in the middle of the song. The instruments play solid and very well balanced and full of delight."

"The song was great. It was exciting and entertaining. I love the guitar sounds and it makes me want to dance. I also really like the words and made me want to think with an open mind."

ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  Never Say Goodbye:

"The guitar intro is fabulous and I really enjoyed it. The lyrics sound rather good for the song."

"The melody is memorable and strong. I would say that this type of music id for people who love country songs. I like the special sounds and the varied instruments they used to produce this song. The lyrics is original and almost perfect."

"Beautiful intro. it doesn't waste time. it grabs me right away and forces me to listen. very unique voice. distinct and recognizable. it reminds me of Simon and Garfunkle. I truly think the guitar is so beautiful."

"The intro starts off pretty quick, and has me, and probably everyone else wondering what 's going to happen soon. The progression of guitar is nice as it has a decent bit of variety, and it mixes well with the singing. The singing is pretty good, although I do wonder if it 's supposed to sound a little sarcastic. The meaning of the song and the feel seems a little ambiguous. The violins enter quite nicely into this song, and I'd imagine that may be difficult to implement well."

"I like the banjo used in the melody it bring a varied sound to the song.the singers voice is awkward and different."

"A cool little tune with a neat guitar track woven into it. The vocal delivery creates a really old sounding feel that is hardly ever found. There is a mix of Old Mexico and Seattle that is truly one of a kind. The old country beat that carries throughout is certainly unusual as well!"

"Soft, but layered and fast-paced guitar is a nice way to open a song. The alternating chorus style and sole vocals sound nice together. The violin really adds to the sound and atmosphere of the track, and is very well done. The lyrics frequently vary and do not repeat themselves often enough for them to lose their meaning, just enough to reinforce the meaning of the song. No trouble understanding the lyrics, which is always a plus."

"Nice clean well played intro. The lyrics have a bit of a heavy accent to them, which adds some uniqueness to it. I think there needs to be a little more percussion mixed in to give it more dynamics. The sound quality is great and clean."

"The chords that you use here are very beutiful interesting and ever changing to my ears. i really enjoy the way that you approach the vocals here. Your music is very distant emotionally. You sing your stroy like paul simon here. The song has a very nice spanish vibe in it. i love the way that you approach the rhythems in this record. You really have incredible soul and style in this record. You have wonderful emotion and groove that is so impressive in my point of view. I love the songs violin parts here. You have a wonderful creativity and style on this record."

"There`s a very accomplished guitar in this osng. this creates a nice musical atmosphere. a very lgiut hearted song. the lyrics that come about in this osng are in rder. there good words, there fresh and rich. the singers in this bring a vocal mix that is very much in sync. it has a nice tone and there pitch of voice is very good."

"The musicians on this track are very talented. The finger picking strumming on the guitar sounds so fresh and crisp. The violin and fiddles are so amazing on this track. I really am enjoying the vocals and the singers accent. It is really a great song."

"It sounds rather strong. I love the way the style spreads and the chorus is quite remarkably refined; the arrangement was organic and distinct. The rhythm demonstrates a great action which the abstract tone works with but it lacks a more theatrical magic. It articulates decidedly. The singing of the song is very breathtaking. The melody sounds quite wonderfully crunchy; I enjoy the way the fidelity bounces and the meaning of the tune was good. An intense song with an enjoyable maturity."

"I really like the acoustic guitar that helps lay the foundation for this song. very talented indeed and the vocals are also very original. I like the way the accent comes through and gives a fresh approach on what music can really encompass. I think they are very talented especially the vocal melody and this great solo. Wow what a great arrangement easy to listen to and hold my attention very well."

"I like the up beat tempo that the song starts off with. I can tell that the guitar player is very talented. It sounds like there are some very complex chords. The vocalist has a good sounding voice. I think the sound is catchy, I cannot see this song being played on the radio but rather in a restaurant setting. I love the violin, the player of the violin is excellent. The lyrics of the song are catchy and ultimately heart felt."

"The introduction of this track catches the audiences's attention quite nicely indeed. There is good use of volume variations as some of the instruments are a little bit quieter than others. the musical structure of this track is very good."

ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  White Rose:

"I really like the intro. Nice picking work! good energy to the song in general. Nice wilting sound to the melody. has an Indian feel to the music. I like that. It is a pretty unique piece. I like the tone in the vocals. The different instruments are a very nice touch as well! Great job on this piece!"

"I love to hear the banjo in a song, makes it sound even more of a Celtic origin. The melody is pretty and the tempo is energetic. The artist has an Irish tone to his voice, giving the song even more authenticity. There are several different strings playing in the song. It sounds that there may be a bagpipe playing. I like the rhythm of the song. The band does an incredible job in displaying their talents in this song."

"LOVE the mandolin. Great recording-mixing done on it in the intro. I could hear all the strings and their tone didn't muddle all together as can sometimes happen on a really polished recording. I loved hearing every bit of the high strings. Very interesting instrumentation in the rest of the song. I'm really digging the everything but the kitchen sink think going on. The bass and drums sound awesome and really work to act as a strong backbone to the rest of the more "interesting" instruments. The bass work is incredible, I love the tone and the playing. I don't know the nationality of those playing, but this sounds like a cross

between Mumford and Sons esque fesitval core and something a bit more Greek or Middle Eastern? I dunno, all I know is that I am really loving it. The slow down in the bridge was a nice touch only to hit it even harder in the last minute. Well done. The vocalist also sounds great and was recorded well."

"I like the twanging sound of the guitar in the beginning of the song, I just think the intro lasts a bit long, The singer though has a beautiful sounding voice, it is unique and special. Song has a Egyptian feel to it. I also like the lyrics, its different and everything fits together well. This song has potential"

"This song was really unique and different. The intro music sounded a bit like a Mexican folk song. The introduction is too long; it 's distracting rather than enhancing. The feel of the vocals is very different from what I expected based on the introduction."

"Interesting tune. Keeps you wanting to listen to it to hear what is going to happen next. Good lyrics, not sure what genre its supposed to be but the lyrics would appeal to a wide audience. Great use of different elements, decent voice on the vocalist and the musicians seem very talented. Well put together and its very fluid, the multiple elements flow nicely throughout the song. Easy to listen to and the recording quality is great."

"The vocals were strong and distinct."

"This track has a bluegrass sound, I love how the fiddle was played. I didn't know a fiddle could be played so fast. I was jamming to a fiddle I didn't know that was possible. The artist was able to keep up with the fast sound of the fiddle. I like how the track is fast and then slowed down. This track has a sound of inspiration, it makes you feel good on the inside and out."

"Great Irish intro. Pure Irish composition. The singer is performing good. The sound quality is good. The instrumental part is very well done. We have some pro musicians performing the instruments. Overall good Irish song, great composition. Irish lobby will love this performance."

"An interesting intro with a large range of notes. The acoustic intro then drops into an unexpected, yet welcome melody with an average vocalist. The overall feel of the song is warm and inviting yet ethnic and exotic. The lyrics come across as romantic however the vocalist 's pronunciation makes it difficult to discern. Overall an attractive song with high commercial potential."

"I really love the instruments in the background. I wish the lyrics were a little bit better to understand and were a little bit louder. Sometimes the instruments were a bit distracting but I liked it."

"I love how playful this track is. It has many different aspects to the track, and the lyrics work so well with how the track is built. It is a song that is meant for dancing kind of. The overall concept of the song seems like a lot of fun. The voice had a lot of depth and seemed like a very fun song. I do not think this song has any potential for major radio station play or to be a hit song on a major network, although it could be a song used on a television show.it is more of a pop dance song to me."

"the tune is high but not too high. the tune adds on with different sounds.The lyrics are quieter that the words but its not as bad as some you can still make out the words. the singer has a unique sound to his voice.the song is nice and well written. Its a good song."

"I like the intro on the mandolin. It is very melodic and very energetic. It kinda sounds like sublime to me but with a sweet vibe to it. I really think this would be good for parties. I want to hear them more :)"

"Tinkle tinkle says the welcoming mandolin that invites us on this ride. A reverb ride cymbal sets up the mood and we crash into sitar town. The middle easter groove is compelling I must admit. This is an extremely eclectic arrangement of instruments. The vocal is velvet and the harmonies are right there with it. I swear I even heard a firework in there somewhere. Structurally the song is obviously not in the "single" department. The hook is catchy though and it 's a nice treat each time it gets you. Once again I find myself wishing I was driving along to this one."

"Very enjoyable, has a nice tone, lots of mixtures of elements and emotions. feel good fealing with a hint of back story in the notes of the instruments. I sense a bit of ethnicity from some european country that makes me want to travel and explore. I'd listen to this if I were hiking or on a mountain side. Makes me feel wholesome and enjoying in the nature and hope for the world around me. Could use a bit of mixture from the lyrics and repettition of the notes. The elements of this are quite refreshing and invigorating. They make me want to listen through my ear holes a lot. Justa pleasant sounding of the guitar, drums and ukelele and other instruments involved in this production."

"Well this song is certainly mexican/fiesta style/genre. It is fast paced. I think this song is more geared toward the mexican culture."

"The few instruments are interesting and the introduction is elementary with successive vocal quality that is withing the range of the rhythm. The lyrics are fun and clean. The vocal melody surprise with unexpected element to the songs rhythm."

"The control on the fret hand of the guitarist is sweet, if that is a guitar...? The quality of the sound is very, very sweet, I love it. And the big break with the drums and bass is epic. It almost reminds me of going on a journey into the sand. I normally don't ever listen to this type of music, but the progressive quality to it is undeniable! The middle-eastern accent on the vocals is strange, but, good, something fresh and new. I enjoy it. A breath of fresh air out of my normal confines of music genres! Great work, keep it up!!"

ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  A House in Your Heart:

"the musical side of this was very good. the molding that they did with the several isntruments and styles of solos was cool. the vocals kind of got lost in the din but it didn't really detract all that much. his voice did a nice notes. the music arrangement was blended in a very cohesive way that pulled your attention. the flute and sax solos were very cool."

"I like the mellow feel to this music. This also has a ranch feeling to it. I like the singers voice it is strong and caring. Also the singer is doing a good job with keeping up with the tempo of the music. I like how all the instruments work together to make a beautiful and new sound."

"Good guitar and bass and piano and drums, and what is that flute? All the instrumentals are great and pretty sounding. peaceful and relaxing. The vocals are very cool and unique and go perfect with the instruments. I love the overall sound of the song. Very cool."


"From the start, I'm grabbed by this song. I absolutely love the extremely mellow, troy introduction. It 's almost hypnotic. The inclusion of extra instruments really stands out and prepares you for an awesome song. I absolutely love the flute. It 's not very often that bans include instruments that are seen in an orchestra, and it 's a great change of pace. The light drums and smooth guitar solo are really excellent. It 's almost like a theme song for a dream. It takes you away. The style of singing is a little different than what I usually hear. It 's exquisite. So mellow and soft, you can hear the emotion in his voice. This song is very catchy, I can see it being played on local radio. I'd imagine hearing this on a easy listening Pandora station. Thumbs up all the way! The guitar arpeggios are wonderful. They compliment the beautiful harmonic vocals. I really enjoyed this tune. Way to go!"

"I love the lyrics to this song! Full of simple truths that everyone can relate to on some level. I love the uniqueness of the vocalist voice. I enjoy the rhythm, especially the constant of the horns. The breaks were refreshing and a real opportunity to focus on the instrumental aspects of the song."

"this song is really good and special. It could really be a hit because of its diffrent effects. It could have been better if the intro was not so long, but that is diffrent from person to person. This song is for people who love classic music and slow songs, which i do not like so much."

"I did like the mariochy feel of it, I thought it was somewhat different and an enjoyable base beat."

"This record has a very nice mysterious vibe all over it chord wise. i love the songs percussion so much. The way that you play reminds me so much of 1960s kind of music. This is very melodic folk music that is deeply beautiful and interesting in my view. I think you have a very nice emotional and focused appeal here. i love the songs rhythms and style so much. You really have an awesome ability to sing right on key for the entire record. I love the backing instrumentation here so much. you have wonderful tempo very mid range and exciting at the same time."

"There is a distinctly oriental feel to this track that is accompanied with futuristic sounding instrumentals. The Latin delivery of the vocalist is completely unexpected but adds a worldly feel to the track. There seems to be a random collection of instruments all competing. There area a lot of things going on in this track. There are some really nice stanzas but the composition is confusing. The vocals are poetic enough but just a little over the top."

"I like the smooth fluid, easy listening tone of the song."

"there`s a very sound and creatiuve musical presence to this track. the feeling that comes over this song is excellent. the quality of the instrumentals are really thought provoking. the lyrics to this are compelling, there effective. the singer gives a performance. that takes complete contreol of this song. love the voice and the composed way that this song formulates."

"I really liked the soft, romantic high notes that made up what is now the intro of the song. The instrumental itself as a whole is just simply beautiful. The acoustic is well complimented by the beautiful accented voice of the vocalist on this track."

"The song is heart felt and deep. The instrumental is atmospheric and deep. The crash in the drums abbreviate the song. The guitar are angelic and beautiful to listen to."

"The beginning of the song was very catchy and rhythmic. It was slow and melodic and it caught my attention because of how different it was from other tracks I've listened to. I was able to appreciate the melody of the guitar and drums. The singer seemed to have an accent or he sounded very laid back and mellow. It was a good track. I really liked how his voice harmonized with the other voice in the background."

"the song has a a really engrossing touch to it. i love the surface of the song and the different layers. i like the voice. the singer really has a beautiful tone."


ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  Time to Go:

"This song is great and romantic. Maybe for a couple who are out on a date just waiting for the moon to go away I don't know. I see stardom all around this song. It should go platinum before you know it. those notes are incredible and exciting to listen to. This guy is a great singer and should sing a little more. He has a lot of potential to make entertaining songs with great pitches."

"This song is a soothing song. You would hear this style of music at a massage palor. It is good for the heart and calms the heart and soul. It could also clear your mind from stress. I enjoy it but it is for a more mature audience. I rate it a 8."

"Introduction had a beautiful, lively, uplifting sound. Transitioned well into the main part of the track and vocals. Vocals had a good tone. Arrangement had some odd changes in tempo, didn't seem to fit the track, Kind of back and forth between musical styles."

"I think the part where the mix opened up with guitar picks panned to the listeners left and the vocals coming in from the right with the drums was a really cool effect to listen to! I think the vocals were at a nice level but a little soft for the instruments as they almost blended too much to the point of not listening to the lyrics. Maybe some reverb would help the vocals, as well as pulling the acoustic guitar back on the left panning to really make some room for the lyrics in the record."

"the beat is so slow and soothing, it just makes you feel relaxed and calm. i think they added to many instruments to the intro. after the intro end and the guitar came in it just drew me closer and closer to the song. the guys voice could use some work on, but it sounds good. he kind of sounds like the classic rock singers."

"I love the instruments in the intro of the song. Amazing. I think you should add some vocals a little earlier in the song. I've never heard anything like this before, but I like it. It is very unique. I think the vocals are on key, soft and calm. I do not think there is anything I would change in the song. I think the fans who listen to you music would most defiantly like this song, but I am unsure on what kind of music this would be. With this song I kind of picture two older men sitting at a table playing checkers. I'm not sure as to why, but that is what the music told me. Good job and good luck."

"Pretty use of flute and violin (fiddle? Viola? Stringed instrument) or whatever instruments those are in the intro. Good guitar. Really cool, pretty vocals. Awesome, interesting lyrics with a very unique voice and overall sound."

"the ryhtme is slow the instrumental variety is weird and didgitized not a bad thing just different. No ove use of digital efect good artist. know's how to coompose what he is looking for had nice vocals. it had overall interestinglly tuneful. was thought provoking orginal. talented creative professional artist. But somewhat unimaginable good production song"

"Their intro was far too long and complicated. The multiple melodies clashed making you confused as to what you were listening to. Go back to the drawing board and simplify your music algorithm. Folk songs should be soothing not confusing."

"I do enjoy music that can start out soft with a little bit of an Irish touch to the style. Great music for soft lovers, great for romance. As far as the singing goes, I do like to understand the lyrics. I can tell this artist has an accent thats a little unfamiliar to me, yet I still like the music. This type of music is great for relaxing, which a lot of people enjoy. Good job there."

"this is a very creative and very interesting song. the music to this has so much substance to it. it really has a DIverse effect on this song. it has a lot going on at one time. very convincing song. the lyrics in this are those that matter, there clean and carefully done. this song has a singer that brings a very tune full voice to this song. his performance is pretty direct."

"It had a penetrating impact. The arrangement builds freely and the chorus's character is sort of warm. Instrumentally it had an upbeat, textural fanfare with a considerably enjoyable, deliberate orchestration. It can be uplifting as well as diverse and the lyricism expresses a nice variation; the song had a relatively gentle

source material implementation. The melody of this song was fairly fun but it requires a more mysterious pattern."

"Interesting intro. Recorded well, but the song feels a bit disjointed. The group seems to be tight. The song sounds like folk with country mixed in haphazardly. The rhythm changes don't seem to have a purpose. Sounds like a bunch of good musicians jamming."

"I like how it was powerful on the first few beats the calmed down and turned into a melodic piece of work. It is getting quieter and then louder. The singer is very enjoyable to listen to. The instruments blend well."

"the flute is very alluring and makes a good impression on the song. the intro is full but a little too full for a intro. the sound is very handsome and plenty of color is added in the instrumental."

"the intro to this song sounds like it starts a play off it. you can really hear emotion and happiness in this song. the word to this song are very strong and on beat .they did a very well job putting this song together. very old classic soft instrumental piece."


ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  Sweet Like an Angel:

"The energy in this song is nothing short of exuberant. It surrounds you and doesn't let go. It makes you want to dance and dance until the song is over. The instrumentals are well balanced and offer very pleasant music to the ears, while also not overpowering the vocals. The guitar pieces in particular stand out as giving the song its life, even more so than the percussion, which is unusual for most songs, further solidified once the solo begins. The vocals themselves capture the fast tempo of the instruments and run with it, becoming a soaring adventure that does not let up. A brilliant song, and would love to listen to it again."

"Singers has a nice, fluent and soft voice and maybe a little too easy going."

"A nice track that has some really powerful instrumental sections. The lyrics tell a really vivid story that jumps out at the listener. There is a great mix of new and old sounds in this track that make it really cool. A ton of talent in the artists performing here!"

"Everything sounds great. Musically, all the instruments go together well and same as the tone of the vocals. I also like how it has some funky bass lines along with some cool guitar licks. However, it 's kind of hard to understand the vocals. Other than that, everything sounds good."

"nice guitar, wonderful picking pattern, celtic type feel. chimes are wonderful addition. The singer has nice emphasis on cretin words within the song. nice development into a very latin sounding song. nice. nice use of a secondary guitar, with the electric overlay, diffrent haven't hear that very often. the drums are nice but woun't be sutied for radio play"

"Flutes suck. Your instruments or okay but they don't fit with the vocals. electric guitar does NOT work with flute. EVER. the beat is all over the map and I don't know what to focus on."

"I like the harmony and the Latin vibe. The singer has a great voice. I think the flute, guitar riffs, and change over to a more rock sound is a little too much. When the track first began, I thought "Ooh", but I was let down by the woodwind. It 's not my taste, but this could be a great song. It sounds a little overworked for my taste. Keep it simple."

"The intro is too long for me and when the song actually starts it is not good. They have arranged the rythm really good!"

"I really love the mix of ethnic sound and classic rock. its interesting and inventive. wonderful instrumental track."

"The guitar was really pretty at the beginning. And then the violin started and it sounded even better. And then the guy started singing and it was really nice. I liked it. The chorus was catchy too! I actually liked this song it was very pretty. It 's not a kind of song that would be a hit though."

"Quick very upbeat intro with a nice fade of all the instruments on both ears. Vocals have a very soft spoken relaxed sound to them. Guitar riffs are very nice, with touches of vocals that match the tone of the song quite nicely. Strings make for a very contented happy sound. Occasionally gets a bit overwhelming and muffled, making it hard to understand. But it 's a very nice song over all, with a bit of work on the levels of the sound, I would not hesitate to listen to this again, and would recommend to other people as well."

"I think you have music that is very soft but beutiful all the same. The way that you play is very folk like very pure and from the heart. the way that you use the chords of the electric guita reminds me of phycedelic rock. Your music is very distant and powerful at the sam etime. I love the chords and feeling in this record that works really well. you have incredible drum beats and feeling in this record that feels incredible to me. You ahve wonderful styles in the way that you sing. Your music is very bright and focused structure wise."

"Eerie track with a creative improvisation. The tune is very harmonic and beautiful though it might be a little more whimsical. I like how the synthesis and percussion develop. The melody absolutely shows a good dimension and the verse is nicely realized; the bass is rhythmic and consistent. The splatter of the beat was creative and it flows endlessly."

"I really like the wide range of notes on the violin and the continuous floating guitar picking. Very smooth and I like the jazz modern guitar solo and the heavy bass line is great too. This is starting to sound very professional and very quality. Nice solo that is enjoyable and upbeat. Great job"

"I think the rhythm with acoustics, and the violin were beautifully composed, and had dynamics in a mellow tone, that was harmonious with the vocals, but the vocals need enhancements with the shift in movement, and arranments in style, I think the song could be commercially appealing overseas, and with the people who like this genre of music."

"An excellent sounding intro and I feel that this track has got a lot of work put into it. The track itself is very creative because the melodies used sound unique to me. There is a good vibe to the harmonies used in this track itself."

"wow the beginning has a cool start, lots of different sounds, but again just like every song i hear on this its kind of slow, although it does get better as it goes on, the background music sounds like the theme son on Seinfield. I do the the vocalist has a good voice and I like the variety of instruments that are playing in the background. Over all the song is okay and potentially has potential."

"Decent harmony backed by a strong instrumental. Can't see it being popular with audiences -- too weird."

ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  No Remorse:

"This song makes me very happy. it has a country feel to it. I like the singer he sounds awesome. I feel like i could sing along to the song or sing it with my friends. The content of the song is very sweet. I want to hear more songs like this. Awesome, please put on the radio."

"The guitar is really well played in this piece. The track does jump around a bit but there is some real creativity happening here. The Mexican vibe is a nice element that is hard to achieve. Really unique and written well!"

"The beginning of the song had this funky beat. I wasn't really able to make out the rhythm or anything because it seemed random. The singer had an accent however, it seemed to fit well with the song. Although he had an accent it was still relatively easy to understand him. His voice flowed well and harmonized with the melody of the track."

"This song feels good. The rhythm of the instruments play artistic tones. The singer sings beautifully with the voice of smooth latin feel. The tenor plays good. I hear classical tone and some voicing. I love the instruments they are played different with a flair. The singer has a stars voice."

"I din't understand what the story the lyrics where telling, the voice din't match the type of song, it was't that good, the tune was okay, the voice sounding like it belonged in a opera song rather then the type he was going for."

"The guitar work in the beginning is pretty attractive. I can get right into the grove. The vocalist has an apparent accent, but it its the mood of the song very well, possibly more than a standard american accent. I love how the song progresses. It is very enjoyable to listen to. I would absolutely love to see this artist become successful in the future."

"Nice strong intro that sets the mood of the song. I like the change ups in the instrumentation throughout the song. The vocals are good, but not unique. The quality of the recording is good enough for radio airplay. Some of the melody's are very catchy and hold the listeners interest, especially the guitar solo. Good smooth ending to the song, but it goes on too long."

"nice riff on the guitar, chimes are a nice add on interesting sound, not a radio song however, very 70-80 sound, very nice and nice difference. it could be good in movies but for radio it isn't going to happen, too old school, and lyrics aren't relabable but his accent is very nice good overall"

"The singer is really creative who has come up with this lyrics, this is kind of a love story combined with a song. The love story kind of takes over the song and you really can imagine the text in pictures, really good job they did with that."

"This is so dated. Old ladies may love this but not the general population."

"I think you have wonderful mixtues of country and folk chords all over this record that feel so cool to me. You really are deeply impressive with how you sing. This record really comes alive when you start the first verse here. i really enjoy the songs energy and creativity through the lyrics here. You have wonderful expressions here so much. you really seem so calm and easy going in my point of view. I love the songs anger and style overall. You ahve to make the percussion allot bigger and stronger here. You really have great class and style here."

"This song sounds like they use a fiddle and some other instruments.Its a unique combination i've never heard. I think I even detect a Scottish accent in the singers voice."

"I think the instrumentals were diverse, and nicely arranged in the structural composition, it was decently produced in technical aspects, but I didn't like the heavy accent alongside the style of genre this song fits in with. this song doesn't have commercial potential!"

"The intro was sort of deliberate. The rhythm of this song is fun. It evolves impeccably with its effortlessly warm, excellent ferocity. The instrumentation indicates a creative atmosphere and the tune was quite breathtakingly served. Qualitatively this song features accessible, lush movement. It was astonishing and imaginative however it could be significantly more basic. I love how the melody presents; the slightly strong attitude of the message was inspired and calm. This song has a primordial strength to it."

"a nice refreshing but weird vibe to the start of the song. this song has a very jazzy feel to it. it took almost 30 seconds for the vocals to begin."

"The sound is definitely unique. I like the chime sound in the background. The vocalist has a thick accent. This would be a great song to play in a restaurant or something."

"Great use of drums at the beginning but it 's too busy. Your vocals are good though."

ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  Words of Wisdom:

"The guitar playing is excellent, great harmonies, but almost too smooth. the track might enjoy regional success, as the vocalist accent is highly noticeable. Overall the recording is good quality good song writing. It has a 1970's vibe. Enjoyable overall."

"The beginning is something i could hear in a movie. The singers have a very nice voice. The musicality is well done. I cant hear this on the radio."

"i like the Spanish rhythm of the song.the singer sounds like he is singing with conviction. i think this song could do well in a place with a strong Spanish influence."

"Everything sounds good to me. I don't usually listen to this kind of music but I like it. It 's relaxing but yet, upbeat at the same time. The musicians work together well and are talented. The song speaks for itself."

"A pretty original guitar piece that captures a true Mexican sound. The vocals really portray an authentic tone that stays true throughout the entire piece. The music is not quite traditional but there is really cool sound to the track as whole. A pretty interesting recording!"

"The words aren't that clear, but the song isn't bad at all. The instrumental is very nice. I prefer to hear the instruments alone. The artist has a nice tone to his voice also. This song can be used in movie scenes that show encouragement, prosperity, change. He should try to sing with a bit more clarity."

"Enjoyed the instrumentals within this song. Put off that blue grass old hippie feels. Started to relax me just listening to this track. I did have a hard time understanding the lead singer a bit at time. I greatly enjoyed the flow of this song as well as the breaks in the track which allowed the band to shine through. All in all, i enjoyed the song. Even though i had a hard understanding the singer at times, i did like the sound of his voice."

"nice musical development in the intro, nice guitar riffs and the lyrics are very suiting to the song. Radio could be possible, but unlikely. Very south America sound which is upbeat and interesting. nice. the harmonics are very nice and develop the story nicely, over the use up ups and downs good"

"The guitar at the beginning was very nice and when other instruments were nice but I don't really like this kind of music."

"Classical guitar meets, Brazilian/Latino type music with a unique singing-talking type style. I like this music, its fun, upbeat, and positive. The music is progressive and has a good rhythm. The electrical guitar mixed the vocals and classical guitar is a good combination. I think this song has enough going for it that it would be a commercial success in the Latin American community."

"I think you really play the instrumentation here like professionals. I love the folk feeling the chords are mesmerizing to me. You have wonderful spanish style sof singing that feels so incredible the whole time. Your music is very easy going and powerful the whole time. The drums are very big and work well. the chord changes in this record really make this very interesting in my point of view. I love the songs rhythems and expressions here so much you have wonderful rhythem and styles the whole time."

"very nice instrumental piece of music. the lyrics were an added bonus. the group has a great sound but the accent that they contain needed to be accounted for a little more in the music that they are trying to sing. This is a great sounding song."

"It sounds kind of strong. Conceptually the song expresses an accessible, unique atmosphere; the basic crescendo design assumed in this song was creative and the movement of the tone was relatively consistent. The soul of the tune was solid and the composition's rather enjoyable structure is harmonic; the voicing presents swiftly. I appreciate how the motif and backing advance. It was distinct and dynamic and the substance of the phrasing was very dramatic and memorable; the song had a crisp composition approach."


ReverbNation song comments from the audience:  Always Our Fault:

"WOW!!!!! This track sounds very different to a lot of tracks I have listened to in the past. I think that this track would go down well on the radio stations and possibly some television advertisements as well."

"This sounds like a very calming and maybe a love song. The intro is very crisp and clear and lovely. The guitar riffs are amazing and then the loudest guitar makes it even better. Chorals come in then more instruments. The music is great for this track."

"My first thoughts were this sounds like a nice garden party or outdoor event with some nice guys in suits playing guitars. Then the song unfolded like a rose and became more beautiful and playful in its energy and really widened out. This is a awsome into, I would love to hear this live as it would really slowly lift the energy and pull a listener in. The vocals were too soft in my opinion, I felt the tone and energy could be really sung out more."

"i feel like this beat is going to be a romantic beat. i love the Mexican music. the way they play guitar is just so amazing. i love how they added electric guitar to it. overall the beat is amazing and is beyond perefect. everything is great!"

"Instrumental sound had a very Dave Matthews band type feel too it. Harmony was solid and kind of grabs you. Good tempo. Nice change of pace with horns and strings. Like how the tempo picked up later in the song, guitarist was solid."

"very soft start to this song. i like the instrumental parts of this song from the base and drums.vocals are very strong as well i like this song overall it has good meaning to it .artist and band are very talented.i thinks it is a new style rock"

"The song has a relaxing guitar intro that helps to set a calm mood. The guitar combines a number of popular techniques to create a unique sound. This, combined with the sounds of the electric guitar makes a unique element. The lead singer has a good voice, and the rhythms offer some variation that separates this song from its counterparts."

"I love the sounds of the guitars in the intro, they blend together beautifully throughout. I really appreciate the amount of talent that going into playing a guitar like this. The rhythm is perfect and fast for the guitars, it sounds great. The singing is also great, they harmonize great together and sound great alone as well. I also like the horn sounds incorporated in the sound. The background percussion with loud cymbals is in perfect timing and is in perfect doses."

"just killed it,i wanna hear more of that i fell in love with the song,when it started,great job on what your doing, i love it just keep producing music and ill buy it."

"I like the choice in beat, nice and slow."

"the introduction to the song is absolutely beautiful and spell bounding. that melody just has me so entranced. the downside to the intro being so beautiful is it has a lot to live up to. this intro has such a classic sound. the way it picks up speed lifts my spirits and brings me hope. it makes me feel like a journey is beginning. the drums kick in and then the saxophone comes in and its so rich sounding."

"The piano and acoustic guitar complemented each other vary well during the into. I felt as though the electric guitar and horns could have been left out. They took away from the emotion of the song and also overshadowed the vocals. The vocals should be louder as well. The solo at the end of the song fit very well and tied the rest of the song together. It did however run a little bit too long."

"Definitely something for soft music lovers. If someone asked me for a soft song, i'd recommend this to them. the music itself is for soft music lovers."

"Very nice background music, very nice vocals . I like how it a lot of instruments and it sounds good . Overall its a good song."

"This is a nice track. Spiritually it has a mysterious, basic mysteriousness and the tone has a creative punch. I love the way the loop and singing expand; the piece had a clear style and the atmosphere of the beat was solid. The meaning of the message was futuristic and aggressive; the arrangement appears beautifully mystical and the thick approach implemented in this song was good. It can be sharp as well as beautiful; the energy of the singing was creative."

"I think this is an interesting sound for the intro of this song. The guitar playing is really clear and well skilled. The acoustic guitar sounds really good instead of using and electric guitar. This song starts to build to a peak. You can hear every instrument clearly and it doesn't sound like it is just jumbled together. The instrumentals are amazing and well executed."

"Never really been into the latin sound which this uses very heavily, but the instrumentals are well-done and the pace is good."

"This song started out really sad, and I thought it was going to be a sad song filled with heart break, but than the music sped up a little bit and changed my mind a little bit. There are not any vocals for a while of the song but still gives out a lot of emotion. Great job."

"Nice chorus effect on the guitar. The lead has some nice runs which is helpful because the progression (at least on the intro) has been over done. Over all the production is pretty solid. It almost... almost... but not quite... sounds like Bela Fleck. You know though, I think I like this song. Thanks for sharing and best of luck!"

"This track begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar solo. It was very melodic."

"Beautiful guitars a la Jason Becker. Guitars are strong. The recording is well done. The Sax is out of place in this song. The changes make sense. I love the classical feel. Guitar solo is descent. Reminds me of the band Kansas. The Drummer is capable and the meter is solid. Overall you can tell these guys are excellent musicians."

Digital Radio Stations comments from the audience:
real good outdoor concert type music. Brings images of relaxing in the open fields and the 60's mood thanks”
"Love your Spirit... ”
"super like!"
"love your cover! beautiful music, thank you"
"Very good!"
"keep it up, sounding smooth

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